Low Fat Fryers Review

It is quite hard to believe that the crispy and delicious fried foods that we have been savouring all along can actually be cooked in a very healthy way without a pan full of oil. The functional and practical cooking/saute/baking/roast machines called the Low Fat Fryers use extremely hot air and no more than a spoon of oil to give you the same result in terms of taste and texture similar to that of the usual fried food.

The low fat fryers have been built systematically to ensure the safety and health of people who love fried food. The way that this machine works is that it circulates extremely hot air around the cooking bowl which is heated at around 201 c because of which not only does the food cook without any trouble but also turns out to be extremely crispy and healthy.

So, whether it is French fries, meat, roasted vegetables, or even cakes, this amazing low fat fryer will make sure that you cook and enjoy the delicious recipe without harming your health or that of your family.

Leading Low Fat Fryers

Tefal Actifry

Tefal Actifry

The versatile Tefal Actifry allows you to cook a number of things such as crispy chips, stir-fries, desserts, stews, chicken, curries and many other delicious recipes in an utterly healthy manner. All you will need to prepare a tasty and healthy recipe is 1 spoon of oil for around 1.2kg of crispy chips and that.s it. You will be surprised by the taste and the crispiness of the fries since they will taste as if they have been deep-fried.

Other than this, the Tefal Actifry is very easy to use and clean. You need to use new oil each time you cook and no stirring or shaking is required at all during cooking since it already contains a stirring paddle which ensures that your food is evenly cooked. As for its cleaning, you can wash the Actifry.s spoon and removable bowl, paddle and lid in a dishwasher for your convenience. Finally, you should know that the systematic design of the Tefal Actifry is such that the lid to base connection has a natural small gap and it is not completely sealed while cooking.

Philips Air Fryer

Philips Air Fryer

The healthy and easy to use Philips Air Fryer reduces up to 80% of the fat that is generated in a conventional heating oil pan for chips and other fried foods. With a spoonful of oil, you can cook the most delicious and crisp fries and other fried foods without having to worry about your health.

The fully adjustable temperature control in this machine allows you to set the most convenient and appropriate temperature for different kinds of foods. The Philips Air Fryer gives you the convenience of a timer and an auto-off function option with a sound indicator that makes cooking even more practical and manageable for you.

Moreover, on purchasing this low fat fryer you will also be receiving a booklet containing 30 amazing recipes including brownies and quiches. An extremely beneficial, handy and safe machine that allows you and your family to enjoy your most favorite recipes without any health issues!

Breville Halo Health

Brevill Halo Health

The Breville Halo Health is a quite versatile machine which allows you to cook, saute and bake or roast your favorite recipes with only a spoon of oil unlike your conventional cooking recipes and techniques. The machine requires only one spoon of oil which is approximately 99.5% less than a 3 liters standard fryer that is commonly used in households and reduces up to 80% of the fat that is present in deep fried foods.

The Breville machines offers you double action cooking method because of which there is no requirement to pre-heat so you can instantaneously cook whenever you wish to. You can prepare your favorite recipes with or without the use of the paddle and in any case the machine will ensure that your food is evenly cooked.

Other than this, this versatile machine also includes a reversible roasting rack which you can use to cook delicate items such as fish with utmost ease.

Low Fat Fryer Health Benefits

Since major health issues have been the result of foods that have been deeply fried and contained excessive amounts of fats, people are now shifting to recipes or cooking techniques that can allow them to savor the same dishes but in a much healthier manner.

To cater to this sensitive need and requirement, companies have designed and launched these amazing low fat fryers which not only serve to be extremely convenient and effective for cooking but also reduce the fat content in food by approximately 80% or more through the use of hot air for cooking instead of a deeply filled oil pan.

Not only do they provide you with the same crispiness and deliciousness of fried food but also reduces the fat content by a wholesome amount which makes these machines quite practical and helpful to use. Secondly, since the low fat fryers require only up to one spoon of oil, there won.t be any accumulation of rancid oil which usually happens with deep frying oil pans.

The use of a spoon of fresh oil will be certainly much safer than the rancid oil which has been used all along and serves to be one of the major reasons by common diseases such as obesity, increase in cholesterol problems and in extreme cases even cancer.

Pros and Cons

Low Fat Fryers have been designed to provide people who wish for convenient and safe cooking a much more practical and easy method to cook their food. The use a low fat fryer saves you from many of the trouble of conventional cooking methods which includes the high quantity of oil required in the latter.

It definitely saves time and all you need to do is place your food in the low fat fryer as per the instructions, set the timer and start working on something else until your food is ready. Furthermore, there have been quite a lot of positive reviews regarding the cleaning of this machine which makes it much more convenient and easy to use and maintain. Furthermore, low fat fryers are quite versatile since you can carry out different cooking techniques with one single machine only.

There are however some things about the low fat fryers that may be a bit of a problem for you. For example, users have often complained of the noise. Some of these machines especially the Actifry are much noisier than the others. Also the Breville is a bit larger than the other too so you might need plenty of space in order to accommodate it. As for the reliability of the machines, much depends upon the usage for example how you handle it and the maintenance of the machine which includes proper cleaning and placement.

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