How We Use Cookies

DontBuy4More uses cookies in 3 distinct ways.

Firstly, we set use our own cookies to track visitors to helkp us provide a better visitor experience. This information is records only visitor behaviour and no personal details whatsoever.

Secondly, we use Google Analytics to help us optimise our site and as an additional aid to providing better user experience.

Finally, our site is monetised using the affiliate marketing model. As such cookies are set by third party networks to record the source of a potential. The following site provides a detailed description of how affiliate marketing works and how cookies are used by this model.

Online Performance Marketing, Cookies and You

Cookies Set By DontBuy4More

Cookie Name Cookie Duration Cookie Description
PHPSESSID Expires on Exit The cookie stores information about the pages visited.

Cookies Set By Google Analytics

Cookie Name Cookie Duration Cookie Description
__utmb, __utmc2 YearsThese cookies work together to work out how long your visit takes. One takes a .timestamp. when you enter the site and the other for when you leave. The cookies expire when you leave this site (or when you close your browser). __utmz2 YearsThis cookie records where you visited the site from, which search engine you used, what link you clicked on, what keyword you used, and where in the world you are accessing from. This cookie all about business data and is how Google Analytics also knows what source / medium / keyword to assign the credit for a Goal Conversion or an Ecommerce Transaction. It expires within six months.

Cookies Set By Third Parties For Tracking

Third PartyLink To Cookie Details
Commission JunctionPrivacy Policy
TradedoublerPrivacy Policy
class="ckdescription">Cookie Policy
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