Voodoo Knife Block Features


  • Possesses high durability for prolonged usage
  • Features a unique and eye catching Voodoo doll design
  • Made from Premium ABS plastic with plastic gloss finish
  • Includes five premium quality stainless steel knives
  • Available in different colors


The Voodoo knife block is a uniquely designed knife holder that is easily recognizable and exceptionally useful. It is defined by its voodoo doll design which gives it a fashionable and striking appearance that will suit any kitchen perfectly. Asides its beauty, design and overall appearance, this knife block is also fully and efficiently functional. This is because it was created to offer you a simple solution to storing your knives in an easily accessible manner. In every kitchen, knives are still regarded as one of the most important tools, as well as one of the most dangerous. This is why a lot of emphasis is placed into sorting and storing them properly. The Voodoo knife block was created to give you an opportunity to conveniently store up to 5 knives in a very organized and easily recognizable manner.

The knife block features five different storage slots for storing a maximum of five different types of knives, which are also included in the package. The slots are evenly spread around the voodoo man and can be found on his head (face), body and both of his legs. Each of these five knives will fit perfectly into their respective slot, without any difficulty whatsoever. Each slot is fully coated with magnetic protective sleeve at the rear end of the block, to ensure that the knives are safely and securely stored.

The included knife set was carefully selected to cover those simple and primary tasks you will need to execute in a domestic kitchen. The set contains a bread, pairing, carving, large chopping knife and small chopping knife. All the knives are produced from Moly-Van Molybednum alloyed Vanadium Stainless steel, which gives them their shiny look and a very important ability to resist corrosion. The knife block possesses high durability and sturdiness for prolonged or continued usage. It is easy to clean and convenient to use and will most certainly be an elegant, fashionable and useful addition to your kitchen.

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