Trunki Ride-on Suitcases

Spacious, Comfortable and Secure

Designed with handles and Horn grips, trunki ride-on suitcases are easy to control, grab and effectively handled by kids, on-the-go. Their secure lockable feature, internal pockets, seat belts and tow strap, make them a very safe traveling option for keeping belongings intact. Featuring an 18-litre luggage capacity, these suitcases have just the right amount of room for books, clothes, toys, games and lots more.

An Excellent Packing Alternative to rigid luggage and travel boxes

Trunki Ride-on suitcases are exceptionally exciting alternatives for kids, to pack their clothes, toys, books when preparing for Vacations, Weekend breaks, trips etc. Designed with fully integrated ride-on features, trunki suitcases provide an excellent opportunity for kids to move along with their belongings comfortably. Kids don’t have to stress their tiny muscles to haul or carry their belongings around; neither do they have to stress their legs when they feel tired or weak from hauling their luggage or even queuing up. With a trunki Ride-on suitcase, they can easily sit and ride on their belongings, conveniently transporting both them and their belongings, without having to stress their tiny muscles or young legs. Designed specifically for kids, starting from Ages 3 and above, these cases were made to meet any kid’s traveling needs for comfort-ability and absolute convenience.

One Less Parental Travel responsibility to take care of

Most parents get distressed by the number of obligations and responsibilities involved when holidaying with their kids. As a result of this most parents tend to exhibit bad tempers due to this level of travel frustration. Trunki Ride-on suitcases were also designed to provide a solution these set of parents. Going away with a trunki is exceedingly delightful for kids and as a parent, you will also benefit from the happy mood, the trunki would put your kids in. They will have no complaints whatsoever, no bad or sad moods, because by playing with the trunki, your kids will stay happy and remain completely immersed in a fun traveling spirit, leaving you to focus on other pressing traveling needs and obligations.

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