Morphy Richards 42221 Steam Generator Iron

... or to give it the full title - The Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 2400w Pressurised Steam Generator

This post takes a look at the features of the Morphy Richards 42221 and why people like it so much.

Currently rated at 4.1 out of 5 at amazon the 42221 is currently the 5th out of over 200 steam generator irons. It features a huge 1.7 Litre water tank which is detatchable, which obviously makes the filling of the tank that much easier. There are three steam settings with even the lowest producing huge quantites of steam.

Other positive features includes a generous mains length and "easy to use" controls, which according to a November 2011 home trial meant that a whooping 95% found it easy to use.

According to the Which? 42221 review the iron has an excellent soleplate which it describes as "incredibly smooth" and that it "effortlessly smooths creased and crumpled clothes".

What People Don't Like

De-scaling seems to be a bit of an issue, with some people finding the de-scaling light comes on pretty quickly and then having difficulty undoing the screw to descale the iron. There are also some complaints that the amount steam produced, results in hot water leaking out as well. However, it has to be said that generally people are very happy with the 42221.

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