1600 Watt Vacuums Banned

New EU regulations will mean that vacuums with motors exceding 1600 Watts will be banned.

The new regulations which come into force on 1st September mean that five of the top seven Which? 'Best Buy' vacuum cleaners will no longer be available on the high street or from online.

So for example the following will no longer be available Miele s6210 which has a 2000 Watt motor and the Miele S8310 Power Plus (2200 Watt motor).

However, the hugely popular Numatic cleaners such as the Henry has a 1200 Watt motor so won't be affected next month.

The thinking behind the regulations is to encourage manufacturers to make more effecient cleaners. For example Dyson have never made a vacuum with a motor bigger than 1600 Watt. However, according to some the new rule will not save energy because people will just vacuum longer to acheive the same results.

However, even the Henry will be outlawed from 2017 as regulations will tighten even further with a maximum 900 Watt vacuum. The current average size is 1800 Watt.

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